Medical cannabis in clinical practice

Segment #4

Join a team of 4 MDs and the founder of Strainprint for a wide-ranging discussion on medical cannabis in clinical practice. Topics include mitigating the opiod crisis, elderly populations, EMR charting, and the role of medical cannabis clinics.

  • Jagdeep Singh Gupta, MD CCFP Cloud Care Clinics
  • Blake Pearson, MD MCFP Rapids Family Health Team
  • Darren Larsen, MD CCFP, OntarioMD
  • Sanjeev Goel, CCFP (PC), Spark Cannabis

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2019 CCEN Medical Cannabis Summit

The CCEN Medical Cannabis Summit was a one day conference open to all Clinicians and Researchers. We assembled and filmed a lineup of guest speakers to keep you informed and in touch with the medical cannabis field today. New speakers published biweekly.