Facilitating the “cannabis” talk with your patients.

Enjoy this highly informative, multi-disciplinary panel discussion with MDs, a Pharmacist and a patient advocate on the topic of Facilitating the "Cannabis Discussion" with your patients.

  • Phillip Millar, LLP (moderator)
  • Carolyn Khan, RPh Pharm, Owner Queen Lynch Pharmacy
  • Jeeshan Persaud, MD CCFP Wise Elephant Family Health
  • Gerald Major, President & CEO Canadians for Fair Access to Medical Marijuana
  • Dr. Shamila Kamalanathan MD, CCFP, ABFM

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2019 CCEN Medical Cannabis Summit

The CCEN Medical Cannabis Summit was a one day conference open to all Clinicians and Researchers. We assembled and filmed a lineup of guest speakers to keep you informed and in touch with the medical cannabis field today. New speakers published biweekly.